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27 August 2017* Brisbane, Australia David Butler, Tim Cocks Enquiry
10 September 2017* Newcastle, Australia Tim Cocks Enquiry
16 September 2017 Lisbon, Portugal Tim Beames Enquiry
17-18 October 2017 Derby, England Ben DaviesEnquiry
21-22 October 2017 Grand Rapids MI, USA Robert Johnson Enquiry
5 November 2017* Sydney, Australia D.Butler, M.Egan-Moog Enquiry
25-26 November 2017 Dublin, Ireland Tim Beames Enquiry
2-3 December 2017 London, England Tim Beames Enquiry

*One-day GMI courses are immediately preceded by a two-day Explain Pain course which enables the material to be covered in a shorter time frame. Registrants of a one-day GMI course must have completed a two-day EP course within two years to be able to attend.

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